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Review 1 – Trek to Machu Picchu by Salkantay

On the first day of trekking you climb a hill very inclined towards the Humantay Lagoon. Depending on the schedule the color of the water is more green or blue. The second day is very hard because you walk up and down rocks and the climate changes from extreme cold to the heat of the jungle with mosquitoes. Potadores carry up to 5kg of luggage per person (tours parcticulares). But watch the scale because they told me that I had 1kg more than on the first day and I had exactly the same backpack… The food is basic and so are the camps. Beware of the water in the juices and mates. It is quite cold at night and you have to bring repellent and sunscreen for the walks. I thought I was going to touch the snow and be closer to Salkantay, but I didn’t think so. We just passed the Salkantay Abra at 4,600m above sea level and went on, which was a little frustrating. To get to Machu Picchu I recommend taking the bus for $12 because the stairs are very, very hard and you get up too tired to enjoy the guided tour. The hydropower-Aguas Calientes road is also long, but quiet. I recommend lunch at the restaurant El Bailón with menu a s/.10 in Hidroeléctrica.

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Review 2 – 5 days Trek to Machu Picchu

The Salkantay trek was one of the most important we had to do on our trip around the world. So, we did a lot of research. We wanted a small group to be able to enjoy that unique experience.
We were as lucky as we were (3 people: my wife, her sister and me) we had a private tour with no other person. Probably the agency is a bit more expensive than others, but in the end it was worth every dollar! The guides were just great! They explained many things to me and it was also fun. Every day he told us what to expect and we took him with us the next day! Excellent expectation management! And he also motivated us, even the weather (snow and rain on the second day). Very important for such Trekking and motivation is the food.

The walk is not easy and you should be prepared. Especially the second day. There is a great altitude and long and steep climbs. In our case, the weather was too. First it rained, then it snowed and it rained again. And there was a very cold wind at the top and the snow felt like little needles. Even for us, who spent the previous weeks in Bolivia at high altitude, it was hard.

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